Gianluca Fontana

My Bio


Being italian I have a talent for getting languages wrong, therefore I am not as a good at writing as Brian. But despite that I like writing and I like trading so I do my best to combine those 2 things together. I am currently about to finish my PhD in biomedical engineering (writing my thesis) and because my funds ended a few months ago I’ve been paying my bills with trading.

This was an eye opening experience as in school I was never taught how to handle money and how to invest it. Surprisingly, most people fear finance and associate it only with scams and bad behaviour. My mission here is to educate as many people as I can and show them that by using our brain we can put our money to good use. Now I am no guru, nor a fantastic investor, in fact I hope I will improve much more. But I would like to enter this journey with as many people as possible. People in the financial world are no geniuses and I strongly believe that anybody with enough determination can succeed in this.

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