Complaint Letter to the BBC

In light of the current Israel/Gaza offensive, I wrote a letter to the BBC condemning the complicit nature of their reporting and criticising what they consider to be newsworthy articles in a time of crisis.  If you’re dissatisfied with shoddy journalism and feel that those in need deserve to have their voices heard then please do the same.

                                                                                                                                                                                   25th July 2014

Dear British Broadcasting Corporation,

I am concerned. And why shouldn’t I be? Immense poverty, catastrophic natural disasters and atrocious human rights violations are just some of the things that warrant concern and public attention. But the following news items (which appeared on the BBC’s homepage 24/07/2014) seldom keep me awake at night;

  • The deadly danger of illegal backstreet butt injections
  • Whether or not a person can conduct a choir if they can’t see

Are these newsworthy topics? Absolutely, if your readers are blind choir conductors with buttock insecurities. Fortunately I do not fall into this category and neither do most of your readers (though perhaps you have some statistics proving otherwise). As a globally respected media outlet and a trusted UK brand, the BBC is morally obliged to deliver high quality, accurate coverage of the world’s most pressing issues. The organisation should strive to be a showcase of hard-hitting, objective journalism rather than a crowd pleasing junket peppered with speculative headlines and biased reporting.

Perhaps these non stories or ‘nonsense’ stories are necessary for the corporation to expand its readership and remain competitive and trendy but placing undue emphasis on relatively trivial matters is ultimately compromising the integrity of the BBC and doing the public a major disservice. People deserve relevant, accurate information. Please take a note of this. In fact feel free to print the words out on a sheet of paper and stick it up in the staff break room.

The impetus for this letter is the current Israel/Gaza invasion, a detestable situation which has resulted in the deaths of over 800 Palestinians (500+ civilians). Though to be honest, from trawling through your website one would be hard pressed to find evidence of this atrocity amongst the more prominent articles (which most people would have labelled unimportant in light of the current conflict). In addition to this, the coverage on the issue is immensely biased. News headlines and articles are framed and written in a deliberately misleading manner. As a human being, prone to my own personal fallacies and beliefs, I am entirely capable of deceiving myself without additional assistance.

To conclude, the BBC’s ability to shape public opinion is glaringly obvious and so I ask that you provide your readers with objective, relevant and accurate information.

I must admit that I am deeply frustrated. However it is precisely this feeling of malcontent that somehow makes me hopeful. Frustration has produced an acute reader, a reader that is unwilling to accept complicit reporting but entirely willing to relentlessly wade through multiple sources in order to find the truth.

Kind regards,

Brian O’Toole

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