The Cost of Political Influence

Political destabilization, economic sanctions, de-valuing currencies.. These are the lastest tools our governments are adopting to revive our economies. It seems that the good old days of innovation, investments and reforms are really gone. Latest months have been tough ones for people living in countries like Ukraine where the price to pay for our “new political agenda” are quantified in human life. Although some believe that even a single human life is worth more then any amount of money, the actions of our leaders are proving that for them this is not the case. Human lifes, in particular civilians, are cheaper then money and it’s an affordable cost to pay to obtain what we seek, political influence. The US after many attempts managed to destabilize Ukraine government with the hope of placing new NATO bases just next to Russia and disrupt russian economic ties with Europe. In turn, Russia is aiding rebels in easter Ukraine fighting the new puppet government in Kiev. The result is a civil war where civilians are used as shield by the rebels and Kiev is measuring the success of their mission by the amount of people they manage to kill considering everybody as a terrorist. Overall, the number of civilians deaths vastly outnumbers deaths of military troops.

This time the victims of this new game are the passengers of the flight MH17, a Malaysian plane that was unfortunate enough to fly over east Ukraine and probably was shot down by a missile. Almost 300 people lost their life there and the saddest thing is that it was avoidable. If this wasn’t enough to make somebody feel sick, was the fact that politicians from US, Ukraine and Russia in these hours are trying to use this tragedy to score political points. They are accusing one another and calling for investigations with the hope to find proofs that could discredit their opponents. I’m truly disgusted by what I am seeing these hours and I don’t think we deserve to be represented by these people and most importantly I don’t think anybody else deserves to die because somebody is so nostalgic of cold war. What can we do about it? Be smarter with your votes, by voting for the wrong people you are giving up a peaceful and bright future for the next generations and probably you are ruining the life of so many innocent people.

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