Can you be rich? Yes, if your name is Walden

Being rich and financially independent is the dream of many, but unfortunately only a few prople really achieve it. How come so few people acheive this dream?  Perhaps you might say to yourself “I am not from a rich family, therefore that’s something that won’t happen to me”. Others, instead, think that it’s something that depends on the environment that surrounds you. However if this is the case, people living in big cities should all be rich and all the people living in the countryside should be poor. But this is not the case. There are rich people living in the countryside as well as poor people living in big cities. So how do rich people actually become rich? And what makes them different from common people?

Certainly, being born into a rich family helps but there are people that start from the street and get to the top. How is that possible? Personally I think it’s all matter of attitude. Let’s think about it. For example let us compare the lives of two people, John and Walden. John is  an average guy, born in an average family and with an average girfriend. John has a 9 to 5 job and he is a hard worker. He well deserves his average stipend. Walden on the other hand is a lucky guy. He owns his own company and  doesn’t  have to work particularly hard.  He therefore has enough free time to get bored and travel around the world enjoying his wealth.

What is the main difference between John and Walden? Well it is obvious, John really works hard for money while Walden has other people working hard for his money. In other words his money works for him.  And what would happen if you would give 1000 dollars to each of them? John will probably think that he worked so hard that he may deserve something nice for himself like a new big TV or the latest Ipad. Walden instead would not bother too much with such luxeries, he has enough money already and if he wanted something he would had bought it before so more than likely that 1000 dollars will go straight into his bank account to add on his wealth.

Both John and Walden love money, who doesnt! But while John wants money to buy bigger and better things, Walden wants money for moneys sake. Thus he accumulates money to grow his existing wealth. He’d rather buy an asset like a stock, or a new machine for his company, as it would add value and possibly generate more money in time.

 So to conclude people like John, hard workers and hard spenders, will always find a way to dispose of their salary by the end of the month. These kind of people may live a decent life, maybe even own a nice car and change their smartphone every year, but they will never be wealthy because they will always need to work hard to have an income. People like Walden will undoubtedly become richer with time because they are smart about money and will always find a way to make their money work for them. So which one are you? John orWalden? I hope Walden will become a common name.

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