EUR/JPY scalp 24th feb 2014

I am definitely not an euro bull but after these positive economic data coming out from germany I think the best pair to buy the euro against is the yen. I like this trade to the upside, so I am waiting for a pullback to enter long.

eurjpy scalp


But remember this is a short term trade, so I am looking to book profits (to break even first) as soon as it starts going higher again and let it run until the 1.4150 level

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3 Responses to "EUR/JPY scalp 24th feb 2014"

  1. mutt cutts says:

    Hello, thanks for the article 🙂

  2. tradeforliving says:

    you are welcome, pity it worked only for 40 pips or so. Unfortunately just after I published this there were news about the introduction of negative rates from the ECB and the euro weakened.

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